Using GetPaid on WP Multisite

If you are running a WP MultiSite installation, the process of installing GetPaid WP plugin is slightly different. This article will enumerate certain important things to bear in mind when running GetPaid on a MultiSite installation. 

TL;DR - Yes, you can run GetPaid on WPMU but it should be activated per site, not networkwide. 

Using GetPaid on WP MultiSite

WP Easy Updates, if used, needs to be Network Activated. 
AyeCode Connect can be activated on each subsite where you intend to use GetPaid extensions. Alternatively, you can also activate AyeCode Connect on each subsite where you wish to hide the update messages.
GetPaid, and its extensions, should be activated on each subsite where you intend to use them. Network Activation will not help.  

If you are writing to us for support, you will need to provide WP access credentials. As of now, we cannot yet connect to a MultiSite instance for temporary support access, even if you have AyeCode Connect installed and activated.  

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