Settings Overview for Settings > Taxes > EU VAT Settings

This is the settings overview for GetPaid > Settings > Taxes > EU VAT Settings page. 

Your Company Details 

  • Your Company Name - The name of your company. 
  • Your VAT Number - Specify your VAT number. 

Apply VAT Settings 

  • Enable VAT Rules - Check to apply VAT to consumer sales from IP addresses within the EU, even if the billing address is outside the EU.
  • Prevent EU B2C Sales - You should enable this option if you are not registered for VAT in the EU.
  • Same Country Rule - Select how you want to handle VAT charge if sales are in the same country as the base country.

Checkout Fields 

  • Disable VAT Fields - Disable VAT fields if GetPaid is being used for GST.
  • MaxMind License Key - Input the license key for the MaxMind Geolocation service. 
  • IP Country Lookup - Select the option that should be used to determine the country from the IP address of the user.
  • Enable IP Country as Default - Show the country of the users IP as the default country, otherwise the site default country will be used.

VIES Validation 

  • Disable VIES VAT ID Check - Disable VAT number validation by the EU VIES system.
  • Disable VIES Name Check - Disable company name validation by the EU VIES system.
  • Disable Basic Checks - Disable basic checks for the correct format of VAT number (not recommended). 

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