Settings Overview for Settings > Payment Gateways > Worldpay

This is the settings overview for the GetPaid > Settings > Payment Gateways > Worldpay page. 

Worldpay Settings 

  • Activate - Check this box to enable Worldpay payment gateway. 
  • Sandbox - If checked, Sandbox can be used to test payments. 
  • Checkout Title - The title of the checkout page. 
  • Checkout Description - The description of the checkout page. 
  • Priority - Specify the priority of the gateway. 
  • Installation ID - Enter your Worldpay installation ID. 
  • MD5 Secret - Enter your Worldpay MD5 secret key. 
  • Payment Response Password - Enter your WorldPay response password to validate payment notifications.
  • Payment Response URL - Enter your Worldpay payment response URL here. 

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