This article explains how to setup GetPaid Wallet as a payment gateway on your GetPaid website. 

In order to access these options, you need to have the Wallet payment gateway extension installed and activated. 


The Wallet Payment Gateway allows users to deposit funds to their account from their bank, credit/debit cards, etc. The wallet funds can be used to pay future invoices. In addition to invoice payments, users have the option to withdraw Wallet funds to their PayPal account. 

It is noteworthy that in order to add funds to a Wallet, another payment gateway should be used to process the transactions. 

Settings Overview

  • Activate - Tick the checkbox to activate wallet payments on your site. 
  • Checkout Title - Provide a title for the checkout field. 
  • Description - Add a description for the payment gateway checkout field. 
  • Priority - Specify the priority of the payment gateway on the checkout page. 


Go to GetPaid > Settings > Payment Gateways > Wallet. 
Tick the checkbox next to Activate. 
Save your settings. 

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