How to Add Multiple Items to a Checkout Form?

You can add multiple items to a checkout form using GetPaid. This article explains the steps required for the same.  

This guide assumes you can add a new payment form to GetPaid. 

Adding Multiple Items to Checkout Forms

First, head to the  GetPaid > Payment Forms section, and then click Add New. 
The  Add New Payment Form page features a drag and drop builder. When you create a new form, the Form Preview section will feature a button titled -- "Item totals will appear here. Click to set items." Click on that button. 
Upon clicking the button, the left panel will show a dropdown selector titled "Select an item to add..." You need to click on the dropdown, and then type the first three letters of the item(s) that you wish to add to the form. 
You can repeat the process for as many items as necessary. Don't forget to save your form when done. 

All done! You have successfully added a checkout form with multiple items. 

Additional Info

You can add multiple items to checkout forms using shortcodes as well. For this purpose, you need to specify item IDs in the shortcode. For example: 

[getpaid item=561,532 button='Buy Now']

The above shortcode adds a Buy Now button that selects items with IDs 561 and 532 in the form. 

Alternatively, when working with the Gutenberg block, you can add comma-separated item IDs in the block properties to add multiple items to the form. In this case, you do not need to specify Form ID in the Gutenberg block properties section. 

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