What are the Different Item Types in GetPaid?

In GetPaid, every service or product that you wish to charge your customers for is treated as an "Item". Essentially, items are entities that you add to your invoices, and charge a fee therein, per item. GetPaid handles all the automated calculations for you, as and when you add new items. 

Types of Items in GetPaid 

There are three broad categories or types of items that you might come across when using GetPaid: 

  • Standard -- This is the default, or "normal", item type. Any product or service that you add is viewed as an standard item. 
  • Fee -- Though viewed as an item, it is mostly used to denote additional miscellaneous fee charges, such as a shipping fee, handling or maintenance fee, late fee, etc. 
  • Package -- This is not a default GetPaid item. Instead, a Package Item is created when you have the GeoDirectory plugin active, alongwith the Pricing Manager extension. In a Package, your customers can add it as an item to the invoice when purchasing a listing on your site.

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