Settings Overview for GetPaid > Settings > Inventory

This is the Settings Overview for the GetPaid > Settings > Inventory page. 

You need to have the Item Inventory extension for GetPaid installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

Inventory Settings 

  • Manage Stock - Click to enable stock inventory management. 
  • Backorders - Click to enable backorders on out of stock items. 
  • Low Stock - Click to enable Low Stock notifications. 
  • Out of Stock - Click to enable Out of Stock notifications. 
  • Show on Button(s) - Click to display stock info on Buy Now buttons. 
  • Notification Recipients - Specify the email to which stock inventory alerts should be sent. 
  • Backorder Threshold - Maximum number of backorders that are allowed. 
  • Low Stock Threshold - When item stock reaches this amount, you will be notified via email. 
  • Out of Stock Threshold - When item stock reaches this amount, the stock value will change to Out of Stock and you will be notified via email. 
  • Hold Stock (Minutes) - Specify the duration in minutes for which to hold stock for unpaid invoices. When this limit is reached, the stock will be released and pending invoices will be canceled. 
  • Stock Display Format - Choose how stock quantities are displayed to users on the frontend. 

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