Simple Quantity Discounts Setup Guide

This is the Setup Guide for the Simple Quantity Discounts extension for GetPaid. 

You need to have both GetPaid main plugin and Simple Quantity Discounts extension installed and activated in order to access these settings. 


Simple Quantity Discounts, as the name suggests, lets you add price variations and relevant discounts for each price variation. 

How it Works? 

Upon successful activation, Simple Quantity Discounts adds a Price Variation section to the Add New Item page. 

This is where you can specify your price variations. For instance, if you want to sell the first 40 quantities of an item for $40 each, and then offer a 50% discount on subsequent quantities, such that the 41st quantity onwards the price falls to $20 per unit, you'd specify the price variation as: 


On the frontend, the invoice shows the price variation as specified by you. 

Price Variation by Quantity does not work if you select the  "Let customers name their price" option when specifying Item details. 

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