GetPaid Custom Item Success Setup Guide

This is the Setup Guide for the Custom Item Success extension for GetPaid. 

You need to have both the GetPaid main plugin as well as the Custom Item Success extension installed and activated in order to access these settings. 


Custom Item Success can be used to add a custom redirect URL to a particular page upon successful payment for an item. This is the page that you can redirect your customers to, once they have paid for a given item. 

Obviously, before settings things up, you need to create the Success Page on your WordPress website. You can use any page builder to create this page, and style it in any manner that you prefer. 

How it Works?

Upon successful activation, GetPaid Custom Item Success adds a new field to the Add New Item page: 

You just need to paste the URL to the Success Page in the said field, and then save your settings. Now, when your customers pay for the said item, they will be redirect to the specified custom success page automatically. 

If left blank, the redirect will happen to the Success Page that is specified on the GetPaid > Settings > General > Page Settings page. 

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