Settings Overview for Settings > Misc > Miscellaneous

This is the settings overview for the GetPaid > Settings > Misc > Miscellaneous page. 

Invoice Number

  • Sequential Invoice Numbers - Check this option to enable sequential invoice numbering. 
  • Sequential Starting Number - Specify the number from which the invoicing sequence should begin. 
  • Minimum Digits - If the invoice number has less digits than this number, it is left padded with 0s. Eg. invoice number 108 will padded to 00108 if digits are set to 5. The default 0 means no padding.
  • Invoice Number Prefix - Prefix for all invoice numbers. 
  • Invoice Number Postfix - Postfix for all invoice numbers. 

Checkout Settings 

  • Require Login to Checkout -  If checked, the user needs to be logged in to view or pay invoice. If unchecked, anyone can view or pay the invoice.

Uninstall Settings 

  • Remove Data on Uninstall? - If checked, all plugin data will be removed the GetPaid is uninstalled/deleted. 

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