Cash on Delivery

This article explains how to setup Cash on Delivery as a payment gateway on your GetPaid website. 

In order to access these options, you need to have the Cash on Delivery extension installed and activated. 


Generally, you'd want to use Cash on Delivery as a checkout option if you are delivering physical goods to your customers, and you have the required logistics in place to collect cash/card payments at doorsteps. 

Perchance your business is selling only digital goods or you do not have the COD logistics in place, Cash on Delivery should not be enabled. 

Settings Overview

  • Activate - Tick the checkbox to activate cash on delivery on your site. 
  • Checkout Title - Provide a title for the checkout field. 
  • Description - Add a description for the payment gateway checkout field. 
  • Priority - Specify the priority of the payment gateway on the checkout page. 
  • Instructions - Type any instructions that you might wish to convey to your customers (such as Cash on Delivery conditions, time-frame, etc). 


Go to GetPaid > Settings > Payment Gateways > Cash on Delivery. 
Tick the checkbox next to Activate. 
Customize your settings as necessary. It is a good idea to add detailed Instructions here, including your refund or payment rejection policy. 
Save your settings. 

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