How to Remove GetPaid from Admin Menu?

Once you activate and install the GetPaid plugin, it adds its own menu entries to the WordPress admin panel, much like any other WordPress plugin. However, you can remove or disable GetPaid menu entries from showing up in WP admin panel for a specific user or user roles. 

Removing GetPaid Menus from WordPress Admin Menu

First, install and activate the User Role Editor free WordPress plugin. Now, navigate to Users > User Role Editor. 
Select the user role that you wish to edit. 
Search for capabilities -- publish_wpi_items and edit_wpi_items -- delete these capabilities for the selected user role. 
Save your settings. 

Once you are done, you can safely deactivate and remove the User Role Editor plugin. The changes are permanent, and GetPaid menu entries will no longer show up in WP admin panel for the edited user roles. 

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