How to Add a New Ad?

There are two ways to add a new ad using the Advertising extension:

  1. Via the Advertisers' Dashboard -- This method can be used by advertisers to add their advertisements to your site, after they have registered and logged in. After logging in, the Advertiser needs to click the Add a New Ad button on the Dashboard page.  
  2. Via the WP Admin Panel -- This method is available only to site admins. In order to add ads via the WP admin panel, the site admin has to click the Add New link on the Advertising > Ads page. 

Ad Options

When adding a new ad, you need to specify certain options for the said ad: 

  • Title - This is the title for the ad. It cannot be left blank. 
  • Zone - Every ad must be placed within a zone. Zones should be created before adding ads. 
  • Ad Type - You can choose between Image Ad, Text Ad or Listing Ad. 
  • Target URL - Specify the target URL for the ad. 
  • Ad Text - This is the ad description that should be specified in 120 characters or less. It is shown below the Ad Title in plain text.

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