Gravity Forms Setup Guide

GetPaid offers a Gravity Forms extension that helps you integrate your GetPaid workflow with the Gravity Forms plugin. 

For this to work, you need to have the GetPaid main plugin, the GetPaid Gravity Forms extension, as well as the Gravity Forms plugin installed and activated on your site. 


Basically, once you have installed and activated all the plugins, you can add custom GetPaid Feeds that will be activated or triggered whenever a given form is submitted. Therein, you can specify what happens when the Feed is run -- you can create a Quote to be sent to the user automatically, or generate an invoice. 

Furthermore, you can map several of the submitted Gravity Forms fields, such as Name or Address, to the GetPaid invoice or quote that is generated based on the form. 


Once you have created your Gravity Forms form, head to the Form Settings > GetPaid section. 
This is where you can choose an existing Feed, or Add a New Feed. To add a new feed, after specifying the Feed Name, you need to pick if there are any custom conditions to met, and what happens when the Feed is run -- you can choose to create a Quote for the form user, or an Invoice
Furthermore, you can also choose to Map certain fields, based on the user input in the relevant form. For instance, you can choose to map the Entry ID or Date or likewise, for fields such as Customer Name, Email, and so on. 

Conditional Logic

You can choose to Enable Condition when setting up a Feed, to process the feed only if some or all of the conditions that you specify are met. For instance, you can choose to process a Feed only when Business Size (field within the Gravity Form) is larger than 100, etc. 

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