How to Add a New Zone?

Before you can add new ads, you need to add at least one zone to your site. 

Zones are comparable to Post Categories in WordPress -- much like every post should have at least one category, your ads too should be clubbed under a particular zone. 

Adding New Zones

Only site administrators can add new zones from the WP backend. Advertisers can only add ads under zones; they cannot add new zones. 

Head to Advertising > Zones and then click Add New. 
On the Add New Zone page, specify the Title and other relevant Zone Details, and then click Publish. 

For additional information, here is a rundown of each option from the Add New Zone page: 

Zone Details 

  • Price - Specify the price per impression or number of days or number of clicks. 
  • Show Title - Choose whether or not to display the zone title. 
  • Ad Size - Specify the size of advertisements under this zone; leave blank for all sizes. 
  • Visible Ads - Choose the number of ads that are visible at a given time. 
  • Grid - Choose whether to display the ads in a grid. 
  • Advertisement Links - You can choose to show an "Advertise Here" link, either under the ads, or above them. You may also disable this option. 
  • Advertise Here URL - Specify the URL for the "Advertise Here" link. 
  • Link to GeoDirectory -  If checked, users will only be able to add ads to this zone when they publish a listing on your site. 
  • Filter Post Type -  If checked, listing ads will only show up when a user is viewing the post type of the listing. 
  • Filter Taxonomy - If checked, listing ads will only show up when a user is viewing the taxonomy of the listing. 
  • Filter City - If checked, listing ads will only show up when a user is viewing the city of the listing.
  • Zone Description - You can enter some text about the zone; this is displayed to Advertisers when they are adding a new ad for the said zone. 

Usage Details 

  • Ad Injection - Choose where to insert or display the zone on the frontend. 
  • Shortcode - Use this shortcode to display the zone in a post or page.
  • Template Code - Use this code to insert the zone into your theme templates.

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