Contact Form 7 Setup Guide

This is the Setup Guide for the Contact Form 7 extension for GetPaid. 

You need to have both Contact Form 7 main plugin, our Contact Form 7 extension, as well as GetPaid installed and activated in order to access these options. 


Contact Form 7 extension provides seamless integration for GetPaid with Contact Form 7. You can add triggers to your contact forms, so whenever a form is submitted, a new invoice will be created with the relevant status. Furthermore, GetPaid can also match the submitted email field with its customer records, and if a customer does not exist for the said email, a new account will be created. 

For a full list of features, see the Contact Form 7 extension details page. 


Once you have successfully installed and activated the extension, you can get back to creating contact forms as usual. For additional details on form features and settings, please refer to Contact Form 7 documentation. 
On the Add New Form page, a new tab will be added by the extension, titled GetPaid. 
This is where you need to specify Submission Action for your form, which can be the creation of a new invoice. 
You can also specify the status of the invoice, such as Pending Payment, or On Hold, and so on. 

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