This article explains how to setup the Stripe payment gateway with GetPaid. 

You need to install and activate the Stripe Payment Gateway extension for GetPaid in order to access these options. 


Stripe is a popular online payment solution, catering to eCommerce stores and merchants worldwide. It supports multiple currencies, and can be integrated with GetPaid with the help of our Stripe Payment Gateway extension within minutes. 

Settings Overview

  • Activate - In order to use Stripe as your payment gateway, you need to check this box to activate it. 
  • Sandbox - If you wish to enable a test mode to verify that the payment gateway is working correctly, check this box.
  • Checkout Title - The title of the checkout field. 
  • Checkout Description - This is where you can add a description for the checkout field. 
  • Priority - Specify the priority for this payment gateway. 
  • Stripe Connect - Click the Connect button to link to your Stripe account. In order to use Stripe as a payment gateway, connection is necessary. 
  • Stripe Checkout Language - Select the checkout language for Stripe -- Auto will retain the same language as user's web browser. 
  • Disable Save Payment Card - You can check this box to disable save card functionality on checkout. 
  • Disable Card Update - You can check this box to prevent users from updating the credit card details on invoice with active subscriptions.
  • Stripe Webhook URL - This is the Webhook URL and should not be edited or modified. 


In order to get started with Stripe payment gateway, you first need to signup for an account with Stripe. Be advised though, Stripe is not yet available in certain countries.  

You can signup for a Stripe account here

Once you have signed up for a Stripe account, head to GetPaid > Settings > Payment Gateways > Stripe Payment. 
Next, click the Stripe Connect button, and authenticate your Stripe account to use with the Stripe extension. 
Save your settings. 
Next, you need to copy the Webhook URL and paste it into your Stripe account at Developers > Webhooks > Add endpoint > Endpoint URL. 

Events to send via Webhook are invoice.payment_failed, invoice.payment_succeeded, customer.subscription.created, customer.subscription.deleted, customer.subscription.updated, customer.subscription.trial_will_end, charge.refunded

If you wish to test your Stripe connection, you can tick the Sandbox option. Note that you need to disable this option once you have tested everything -- otherwise real-time payments will not work. 

Help! Field to Enter Credit Card Information Does Not Load?

If, on the Checkout page, the field to enter credit card info does not load when using Stripe, the most likely cause is a jQuery conflict. Our Stripe payment gateway plugin requires jQuery to be loaded first before our scripts are loaded. When you load scripts via async, this order is not preserved. As such, you should exclude jQuery from deferred scripts, and everything will be back to normal.

In fact, loading scripts via async does not have much effect on your site as all our scripts are loaded in your website's footer after the main website content has been loaded anyway. 

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