Manual Payment

This article explains how to setup Manual Payment as a payment gateway on your GetPaid website. 

In order to access these options, you need to have the Manual Payment extension installed and activated. 


Generally, you'd want to use manual payments as a checkout option if you'd rather not want online payments for your services (for instance, owing to high commission rates charged by payment gateways). Alternatively, you might also need to opt for this option if the payment gateway you prefer is not supported, or you prefer payments via an alternate method, such as mobile wallets, Apple Pay, etc. 

Perchance your business is selling only tangible goods or you do not have the required resources to verify the authenticity of manual payments, Manual Payment should not be enabled. 

Settings Overview

  • Activate - Tick the checkbox to activate manual payments on your site. 
  • Checkout Title - Provide a title for the checkout field. 
  • Description - Add a description for the payment gateway checkout field. 
  • Priority - Specify the priority of the payment gateway on the checkout page. 


Go to GetPaid > Settings > Payment Gateways > Manual Payment. 
Tick the checkbox next to Activate. 
Save your settings. 

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