PayPal Standard

This article explains how to setup the PayPal Standard payment gateway with GetPaid. 

You need to install and activate the PayPal Standard Payment Gateway extension for GetPaid in order to access these options. 


PayPal Standard is a popular online payment solution for eCommerce stores. It supports multiple currencies and can be integrated with GetPaid with the help of our PayPal Standard Payment Gateway extension within minutes. 

Settings Overview

  • Activate - In order to use PayPal Standard as your payment gateway, you need to check this box to activate it. 
  • PayPal Sandbox - If you wish to enable a test mode to verify that the payment gateway is working correctly, check this box. 
  • Checkout Title - The title of the checkout field. 
  • Checkout Description - This is where you can add a description for the checkout field. 
  • Priority - Specify the priority for this payment gateway. 
  • PayPal Email - Enter your PayPal account's email address here. 


In order to get started with PayPal Standard payment gateway, you first need to signup for an account with PayPal. 

You can signup for a PayPal account here. Note that you need a PayPal Business account, not a personal account. 

Once you have signed up for a PayPal account, head to GetPaid > Settings > Payment Gateways > PayPal Standard.
Input your PayPal email address in the relevant field. Be sure to activate the payment gateway. 
Save your settings. 

If you wish to test your PayPal connection, you can tick the PayPal Standard Sandbox option. Note that you need to disable this option once you have tested everything -- otherwise live payments will not work. 

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